Are you struggling with something that is stopping you from being the way you would like to be?
You might know you would like to quit smoking, or lose weight. You might definitely know that that anxiety is curbing you from enjoying your life more. You may know that the stress you are suffering is becoming too much and might even be affecting your health or relationships.

However it can be difficult sometimes, nearly impossible even, to consciously improve the way you think, feel or behave because those old thoughts and unwanted behaviours are stored in your unconscious mind.

I love working with people just like you who are motivated to seek something better for themselves. And I can help you too.

To easily move on from those old limiting beliefs, unwanted habits and emotions. Finding benefit and comfort in a caring and professional setting.

At Hypnotherapy for Health we can get together and re-programme those unconscious drives and habits, so that, whatever you would like to achieve becomes easier and more effortless than ever before.

It can be daunting task, I know, trying to find a therapist you think you can work with, never mind the vast array of approaches that we all of us promote.

Who to call? What to choose?

And that's if you know or can put into words the issues you would like some help with.

So let me address some of those questions if I may.

Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy first and foremost, but the difference I offer to you is that instead of weeks or months or even years of psychotherapy, we could get together and start resolving those issues within a few hours.

Hypnotherapy for Health is a clinic based practice within the private health suite of a medical centre where your safety and comfort can be assured and our satellite clinic can be found at the award winning Pioneering Care Centre.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Practice specialising in


Weight Loss


And other therapies including

  • Being Free of Smoking & Other Addictions
  • Improving Confidence, Job & Student Skills
  • Letting Go of Phobias & Fears
  • Relieving Insomnia & Health Concerns

What clients say...

"Thank you so much-it's been life changing and for the first time ever, I like 'me'."
Mrs M - Stockton
It was an amazing experience the staff were lovely and welcoming when you arrive, then Tracy comes out to meet you and she is so warm and friendly and puts you at ease. I have smoked all my life so I was sceptical that it would work for me. It has now been 10 days since I saw Tracy to quit smoking and I have not touched a cigarette since that day, so a big thank you to Tracy from me, well worth the 5 star rating.
Mrs H - Bishop Auckland
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Speak soon, take care
Who we are
Hypnotherapy for Health is an independent clinic owned and operated by Tracy Carruthers Pagiatis BSc Psy DHyp CMH GQHP MBPsS
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Appointments and Information
To book an appointment you can call the clinics directly.
If you would like an informal chat or further information about any aspect of this service, please feel free to call me.

t: 07528 175880
Where we are
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Peaseway Clinic
2 Pease Way
Newton Aycliffe
Co Durham

01325 529000
Pioneering Care Centre
Carers Way
Newton Aycliffe
Co Durham

01325 321234