Hypnotherapy for Confidence & Self Esteem

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Self confidence and self esteem are born of experience and the major cause of poor self esteem is past negative programming. Judgemental parenting, or emotionally unsupportive relationships can create a way of thinking about yourself that is highly critical. You inherit that kind of 'thinking style' and acquire a harshly critical inner voice.
When that unkind inner voice is telling you that 'you're not good enough,' or 'not capable enough to get that job,' or 'keep that partner,' or a million other things it can create a fear to change, or try something new compounding a lack of self belief.

Your self esteem may suffer from the way you perceive your physical self. If you view your physical appearance as a negative factor it can colour your whole idea of your own self worth and will reflect in your behaviour and actions. In the self deprecating words you use, your body language and in the opinions you express. It seems that because of one negative thing you see your whole self as a negative.

So how can hypnotherapy help grow confidence & self esteem

Low self esteem is a learnt way of thinking and anything you learn can be updated.

In clinic we will use hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to rid yourself of past negative programming. For example, the parental judgements that labelled you bad, wrong, clumsy etc will be done away with. You will come to see yourself positively, to become more objective, silencing that critic on your shoulder.

We will improve your self projection becoming more self assured. Increase your confidence and self acceptance and change your perspective about particular areas of your life.

Instead of thinking 'I can'd do it.' 'I'm not smart enough,' 'I don't have the energy,' 'I'm too old.' With therapy you will be able to approach problems with the thoughts 'I can do it,' 'I have the energy,' 'I'm just right for the job.' etc.

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