Hypnotherapy for Phobias & Fears

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Phobias are described as irrational fears and the severity of their physical effect can range from mild to intense.

Even though fear in itself is a protective instinct that helps keep us safe, when they are not useful they can become a problem. Not all useless fears are harmful though. A person with a useless fear that is magnified into a single phobia can often function quite well just by avoiding that one object or situation that stimulates that fear. However when it does affect a persons emotional, social or work life then hypnotherapy can certainly help unlock that automatic response bound tight to that old trigger.
Phobias develop for a few reasons. They could be the product of severe stress, evolve through a series of experiences over a long period of time, or may be the result of a past trauma. Your phobia may even have been transmitted to you by another person, for example if your mother reacted with horror to thunderstorms you are likely to react in the same way.
So how can hypnotherapy get rid of phobias
At Hypnotherapy for Health we will work together to define the cause and the effect of the fear, use powerful techniques to alleviate the unwanted emotional response thus becoming more at ease in those old fretful situations. Increase your self confidence as this goes hand in hand with not experiencing an abnormal degree of fear and of course reprogram your unconscious mind using positive post hypnotic suggestions in regard to your specific fear.
Hi Tracy, on the ferry painting my nails, think that's about a 3 on the scale!! Thank you so much.
Ms C ~ Phobia of sea travel

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